How to choose a wine?

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How to choose a wine?

Wine is a drink that a large part of the population likes and consumes outside or at home. Often in restaurants we are provided with a huge wine list, which includes dozens of wines of different varieties and in different price classes. Supermarkets also offer a wide range of wine drinks.

Then comes the moment when we ask ourselves the question “Which wine should we choose?”. Maybe if you’re buying just for yourself and your family, you’ll easily come to a choice because you already have a certain favorite. But what to do if we expect more people at home, we are not experts or our usual choice is not available in the supermarket?

We share with you some tips to make choosing a wine much easier.

1. A type of wine

The first thing you need to do is choose what wine you will consume. This can be red, white or rosé. Trust your previous experience, but also choose according to the food you will serve. Red wines are suitable for autumn and winter evenings. They are dense and a perfect complement to meats such as duck, pork, chicken, cheeses and sausages. Red wine, in addition to its rich taste, is also very useful for our health in moderate quantities. It reduced the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

Another choice can be white wine. It is a ladies’ favorite and perfect for summer days and evenings. It goes well with seafood and fish products. The third most preferred variety is rosé. Again suitable in combination with cheeses, fish products, seafood, risotto, etc.

Usually, the types of wine are divided into sectors, so you can safely focus on the stand with your chosen type of wine (red, white or rosé).

2. Select a price range

There are wines that do not cost tens of levs, but would definitely suit your taste perfectly. First of all, consider the price of the bottle of wine and how many bottles you will be purchasing. More than two bottles would affect your final bill.

*Supermarkets often have discounts with which you can buy high-end wine at a decent price. We advise you to look at all the rows of the stand. Often the wines are arranged in ascending order of price. If you’re looking for a higher end, you can check out the high shelves first.

3. Once you have chosen the two main criteria, you can expand the spectrum by adding the wine variety.

For red wine, the well-known varieties are: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Port Wine, Syrah, Sangiovese. Here you can trust your previous experience or, if you are in a restaurant, consult an expert about the main taste and aftertaste of the specific varieties for the specific brands. Favorites in the white wine category are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat. With rosé, the options for achieving the perfect taste are through the maceration process (contact of the grape juice with the skins) or through the “Saignée” method.

This method produces rosé wines with a more intense color, more aromatic and better structure, usually with lower acidity (since the grapes were intended for red wine).

4. Percentage of alcohol content.

Alcohol content is also important. Some people prefer lighter wines and others the other way around. The most common wines contain between 11-13% alcohol.

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We hope our tips were helpful to you!

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