Five-course menu for St. Valentine

Споделете с приятели!

Five-course menu for St. Valentine

Celebrate properly and elegantly.

February 14th is approaching and you may still be planning where to spend the evening with your significant other. A restaurant is a good idea if you don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen or if you want to celebrate with friends.

For couples who have a more romantic idea of the evening on Valentine’s Day, we have prepared a proposal for a 5-course menu, with which you will make your partner feel like they are in a fine restaurant.

Here is the menu:

Green salad with smoked salmon and blue cheese

A good start to the dinner promises that it will be delicious until the last bite. Set yourself up for a culinary adventure with a fresh green salad and a side of smoked salmon and blue cheese.


Combine it with a suitable wine, which will also be a transition to the main course.

We recommend CIELO Sauvignon Blanc or CIELO Chardonnay. Their taste will perfectly complement the rest of the menu. Find them at a promotional price of BGN 7.49 in Burlex supermarkets until February 15, 2023.



-Ariel Fish Written Salmon 75

– Blue cheese MAMMEN 100 g

Pasta with melted cheeses.

We continue to follow the taste of Mediterranean cuisine with delicious and easy

for making pasta.

Products to use:

-Grana Padano VIRGILIO 150 years

-Olympus milk cream 35%

– Pasta BARILLA different types 500 g

Tender Chicken Steak FOR HER and Pork Neck FOR HIM

Delight your partner by serving him his preferred type of meat. For you ladies, you can go for tender chicken.

If you want to feel like you are in a real 5-star restaurant, we advise you to change the type of wine and combine the main course with AMAMI Primitive wine


-Chicken steak

-Pork neck with bone chilled

– Amami Primitive 750 ml

IV. Appetizers

All women know that the strong half likes to add a dry appetizer to their dinner. Our suggestion is to surprise him with something unusual and new.

Invite the Crazy Horse, the Raging Bull or the Innocent Sheep to your table (Horse, Veal and Sheep sujuk of JAR). No need to change the wine. You can safely continue to enjoy the captivating notes of AMAMI Primitive.

V. Dessert waffles

What’s a romantic dinner without a sweet ending. For dessert, serve heart-shaped waffles, which are quick and easy to make.

You can find a recipe for them here:

For this purpose, you will need a waffle iron. Discover the ROSBERG 120W waffle iron in Burlex supermarkets at a promotional price of BGN 29.99

ROSBERG R51442GB 120W (2)
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