Christmas campaign 2023

Споделете с приятели!


Official Christmas 2023 Game Rules!

1. These Official Rules govern the running of the Christmas 2023 game!

2. The game takes place on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. You will find a list of the objects participating in it at:

3. At the cash desk of each Burlex supermarket during the Campaign period, each user can receive a free passport card.

4. During the campaign period from 10.11.23. until 09.01.2024 When shopping in Burlex supermarkets and reaching a bill of BGN 10 (ten), you get 1 sticker, for a bill of BGN 20 (twenty) you get 2 stickers, etc. Collect the required number of stickers and after pasting them in the designated places in this passport card, you have the opportunity to purchase selected product(s) from the campaign with a discount of up to 60% of their regular price.
5. The subsequent presentation of receipt(s), including combining receipts to reach the minimum value of BGN 10, does not give the right to receive a sticker.
6. You can buy up to 2 of the products with one passport. You can use an unlimited number of passport cards.

7. Stickers can be collected up to and including 01/09/2024. Only the specified promotional items can be purchased with the completed passports until 01/09/2024.

8. Products can also be purchased at regular prices without collecting stickers.

9. Passport cards will be removed if they do not meet the conditions of the Campaign, are damaged or forged or do not meet any other condition of authenticity.

10. Burlex reserves the right to suspend and terminate the Campaign in the event of unforeseen circumstances, at any time, of which it will promptly notify its customers at
11. Burlex reserves the right to change the rules of the Campaign in connection with the elimination of any abuse of them and damages to its participants. Organizer of the game: CBA EAD, EIC: 202420609, with headquarters and management address: city of Varna, gh. Asparuhovo, 2 Narodni Buditeli Blvd., 3rd floor.