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I. General conditions
1.1. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the conduct of the “Facebook and Instagram Game” (“Game”). The conditions are available to all persons on the Burlex Supermarkets website –
1.2. The organizer of the Game is “CBA” JSC, entered in the Commercial Register of the Registration Agency under EIK 202420609, VAT No. BG202420609, with headquarters and management address: Varna, 2 Narodni Buditeli Blvd., tel. 052 463 065 (“Burlex ” or “The Organizer”).
1.3. The period of the Game is from 10.02.2023 to 14.02.2023 (“Period of Conduct”).
1.4. The game is organized and conducted in Bulgarian and is implemented through the official page of Supermarket Burlex on Facebook ( and Instagram (
1.5. Participation in the Game is permitted only in strict compliance with these Terms. By participating in the Game, participants confirm that they are familiar with the content of these Terms and agree to abide by them unconditionally.
1.6. You will find information about the awards below in the Section
2.1. The right to participate in the Game is available to all able-bodied natural persons with a permanent address in the Republic of Bulgaria who have reached the age of 18 on the date of participation, with the exception of employees of “CBA” AD, “Struga 21” OOD, “CBA Beloslav” OOD or ” CBA Eco Market” EOOD, members of their families (including ascendants and descendents up to the second degree, spouses and relatives up to the second silver degree), as well as the persons who took part in the organization and running of the Game (“Participant/s”).
2.2. A participant in the Game is any person:
having an active and unlocked profile on and/or liked the post, followed the page and tagged someone else’s profile in a comment.
3.1. To participate in the Game, interested persons must like the post related to the game, like the Burlex Supermarkets page and answer the question asked in the title of the post, within the Promotion Period on the social network Facebook and/or Instagram on the official page of Burlex Supermarkets.
3.2. Only Participants who meet the Terms and who commented under the Game post on Facebook within the deadline specified below are eligible for the prize draw.
3.3. A Participant should only participate with one valid Facebook account; duplicate user profiles or those that are repeatedly registered by the same person will be considered invalid and not participate in the Game.
Any other actions aimed at increasing the probability of winning the Game through the use of methods other than and/or contrary to those provided for in these Terms are also prohibited. Upon establishing the performance of actions that have the purpose and/or could lead to the manipulation of the results in the distribution of the prize, the Organizer of the Game reserves the right to disqualify the relevant Participant/s, to remove from its Facebook page his/their entries and deprive him/them of the right to receive the prize.
3.4. Participation in the Game requires consent to the processing of the participant’s personal data, according to the conditions described in Section V “Personal Data”.
4.1. Participation in the Game gives the opportunity to win 1 pc. waffle iron ROSBERG R51442GB 120 W.
4.2. The game continues until February 14, 2023. The drawing of winning participants will take place on February 15, 2023.
4.3. Prizes will be drawn at random from Participants meeting the conditions set out in the above clauses.
4.4. Only the winning Participants will be notified – with a personal message or in response to their comment under the publication on the relevant social network within up to 5 (five) working days after the drawing of the prizes.
4.5. Participants with whom the Organizer cannot make contact within 3 (three) working days, lose the right to receive a won prize. In such a case, the Organizer contacts a reserve Participant.
4.6. The Organizer is not responsible in case of inability to contact a winning Participant due to wrongly provided data or for other reasons beyond the Organizer’s control.
4.7. In case of prizes sent to a winning Participant by courier and an employee of the courier company cannot contact the Participant within 3 (three) working days, the Participant loses the right to receive the won prize at the expense of the Organizer. If, after the expiration of the period of 3 (three) working days, the winning participant makes contact with the Organizer and explains the reasons why he did not accept the shipment by an employee of the courier company, he is given the opportunity to receive the prize within a period of 5 (five) working days you are private

4.8. The names of the winning participants will be published on the official Internet pages of Burlex Supermarkets ( after contacting them and only upon explicit confirmation by the winning Participants of their agreement with this announcement.
4.9. Winning Entrants will be able to collect their prize at a Burlex Supermarket of their choice, a full list of which is available on the official website in the Shops Section. The Participant will receive his prize at the address indicated by him within 1 (one) week of the draw by notifying the manager of the relevant site in which he indicated that he wants to receive his prize.
4.10. To receive the prize, the winning Participant must provide the employee with a valid identity document to certify that their data matches the data of the winner.
4.11. In the event that the winner cannot receive the prize in person, the same can be received by an authorized person, by presenting an express power of attorney containing the necessary data. The authorized person signs the handover protocol.
4.12. It is not allowed to replace a won prize with its monetary equivalent or with another prize. The prize cannot be transferred to third parties.
5.1. The personal data of all Game Participants are processed in accordance with the current legislation and the Organizer’s internal policy for the protection of personal data, for the purposes specified in these Terms. In order to make the Game possible, the Organizer processes the names/pseudonyms with which the Participants have registered in their personal profile on the social network Facebook, as well as other data that are available when leaving comments on the Supermarkets Burlex profile (e.g. profile photo, if one is available in the participant’s profile, data that the participant has shared) .
5.2. The Organizer processes the personal data of the Participants, in its capacity as the Administrator of personal data within the meaning of § 1, item 2 of the Additional Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, for the purposes of participation in this Game. The organizer has a designated data protection official with the following contact details: email: and postal address: “CBA” JSC, Varna, 2 Narodni Buditeli Blvd.
5.3. The legal basis for the processing of data in connection with this Prize Game is Article 6, paragraph 1, letter f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) – the Organizer’s legitimate interest in holding the Game.
5.4. Regardless of what is stated in Art. 5.3. above, in order to participate in the Game, the Organizer also requires consent to the processing of the below-mentioned personal data within the meaning of Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of the GDPR. Consent may be withdrawn by participants at any time. The provision of consent to the processing of the personal data described in these Terms is entirely voluntary, which means that if the Participant does not wish to provide the necessary personal data, it will not be processed in the manner described. However, if a Participant does not provide or withdraws already provided consent in connection with the Game, his participation in the Game will be impossible.
5.5. The data that will be processed in connection with participation in the Game are: Facebook profile name, as well as other data that is available when leaving comments on the Burlex profile (eg, a profile picture, if one is available on the participant’s profile , data that the participant has shared), and of the winning/reserve Participants also two names (first and last name, contact phone number and address).
5.6. The personal data provided to, and processed by, the Organizer may be disclosed by it for the purposes of the Game or in fulfillment of mandatory regulatory provisions of third parties on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, subject to compliance with the provisions of the current legislation.
5.7. Personal data collected in connection with participation in the Game will be stored for the following periods:
– two names of the winning Participants who agreed to the publication will be published on the Organizer’s website – for a period not longer than 1 (one) year, counted from the drawing of the prizes;
– for accounting and tax purposes, the data of the winners will be stored for a period not longer than 11 (eleven) years from the date of awarding the prize;
– the data of the reserve Participants will be stored for a period of up to 1 (one) month after the drawing of the prizes;
– the data of the non-winning Participants will be stored for a period of up to 2 (two) weeks, counting from the announcement of the winners on the Burlex website.
After the expiration of the terms specified here, the data is destroyed and deleted from any media, without being archived and/or processed for further purposes other than the purposes of implementation and participation in the Game.
5.8. At any time, in compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection, by sending a registered letter to the post office

6.1. The Organizer bears no responsibility for damages that are not a direct and immediate consequence of participation in the Game or are the result of the Participants’ inability to connect to the relevant Internet server. The Organizer is not responsible for technical problems, such as, but not limited to, information system failure, power failure or technical malfunction of the computer used by the Participant, as well as unsuccessful attempts to access the Internet for any reason.
6.2. The Organizer has the right to terminate the Game at any time due to technical reasons related to the Game and/or changes in applicable current legislation, orders of competent state authorities, violation of these Terms (including which leads or may lead to material abuses) and/ or force majeure, and/or other circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, by announcing this in an appropriate manner. If the termination of the Game is caused by a Participant in it, the Organizer may file a claim against him for compensation for the damage caused.
6.3. The organizer is not responsible for and is not obliged to correspond in relation to participations that are delayed, impossible or unsuccessful as a result of technical problems with the communication systems.
6.4. All Participants are responsible and at their own expense for all and any costs incurred in connection with their participation in the Game (including Internet access costs).
6.5. Entrants who do not comply with the Terms will be disqualified and excluded from participation without further notice. The Organizer reserves the right to remove any content that it considers inappropriate and inappropriate, incompatible with the Game, offensive, discriminatory or contrary to good morals. In these cases, the Organizer’s decision will be final and not subject to further discussion.
6.6. The Organizer is not responsible for losses and/or damages suffered by the Participant and/or a third party, as a result of a false identity provided by the Participant, entering incorrect data or other similar actions in order to increase participation. Entrants who use a false identity in the Game and/or violate in any way the mechanism of the Game will be disqualified without further notice, losing the right to win a prize if they were entitled to one.
7.1. For questions about the Terms, Participants can send an inquiry to the following email address: Complaints and alerts regarding the Game can be submitted to the same address. Anonymous complaints and reports are not considered by the Organizer.
7.2. The obligations of the Organizer of the Game are exhausted with the delivery of the prize to the winning Participant.
7.3. The organizer determines the rules of the Game unilaterally and has the right to amend and supplement them at any time. Changes are announced by posting the updated Terms of the Game in the same way as the original version was posted. Any change takes effect from the moment it is announced.
7.4. The invalidity of individual texts of the Terms of the Game does not affect the validity and applicability of the remaining terms.
7.5. The current Bulgarian legislation is applicable to the legal relations arising on the occasion of the Game.
7.6. This game is not sponsored, commissioned or operated in any way by Facebook and/or Instagram. Since the Game is not organized by Facebook and/or Instagram, no legal claims can be made against Facebook and/or Instagram. The recipient of information provided by Entrants is Burlex, not Facebook and/or Instagram.