Get in shape for the summer.

Споделете с приятели!

The holidays are over and getting in good shape for the summer days is on the agenda. If you still haven’t managed to achieve your dream summer shape, see our tips on how to achieve it more easily and permanently.

Fruit and vegetable consumption

We all know about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Besides being rich in vitamins and nutrients, they support metabolism and peristalsis.

Some types of fruit such as lemon, grapefruit and strawberries are extremely beneficial for consumption in the early hours of the day. They help to cleanse the body. For more energy and when you need sweet food, consume 1 banana. It is rich in magnesium and will keep you full for a long time.

Vegetables can be consumed in the form of salad, soup, juice or roasted and boiled. We advise you to start your main meals with a soup or a salad of fresh vegetables. In this way, they will be properly digested, and they will also fill your stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger.

Meat and fish

After eating the salad, you can move on to a portion of grilled meat or fish. On warm days, most people prefer fish and seafood. They are lighter than meats and are rich in omega 3 healthy fats. You can find fresh meat and fish in Burlex supermarkets.

3. Dairy products

Skir and yogurt are increasingly common among dieters. They can be combined with fruit, oatmeal or granola.

In Burlex supermarkets you will find Skir Exquisa 400 g at a promotional price. Add Sante chocolate-flavored granola to it and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

If you prefer fruit milks, choose Olympus yogurt with coconut or peach flavor.


Protein is useful for building our muscles. With sufficient protein consumption, cravings for sugary foods will decrease. If you still suffer from spring fatigue and you don’t have enough energy in the afternoon, we advise you to have a protein bar on hand and avoid eating another chocolate bar.

You can choose between the different flavors of FIT SPO, BORN Winner or DR. KESKIN at a promotional price until 18.05 in Burlex supermarkets.

Hydration and energy

In order for your body to function properly, you need to hydrate it sufficiently. On warm days, an additional at least 2-3 glasses of fluids per day should be consumed. If you find table and mineral water boring in taste, we advise you to try MERLIN`S vitamin water and DR.WITT vitamin water.

If you still want to train by lifting weights, get Gorna Banya mineral water 10 L at a promotional price.

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