Lemon dessert with mascarpone

Споделете с приятели!

30 min

Time: 30 min


Bleach the biscuits. Grate the zest of 1 lemon. 
Squeeze the two lemons. Pour the cooled cream into a bowl. 
Beat it and add the sugar, vanilla essence and lemon juice. Beat again. 
Add the mascarpone. Mix with a wire whisk. 
At the bottom of small bowls or cups, put crushed biscuits, press to the bottom and level. 
Add the mascarpone mixture on top. Garnish with the lemon peels. 

Enjoy your meal!

Продукти за 4 порции

Products for 4 portions

milk cream min. 30%

200 ml


200 g

powdered sugar

8 tsp

vanilla essence

1 tsp


200 g


2 pcs

- +