What does a woman want?

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One of the hardest questions for men to answer is “What do women want?”.

Today we will put an end to wondering and tell you what every woman and housewife surely dreams of and what you can surprise her with on the occasion of March 8 – International Women’s Day.

Sweet Temptations

Who does not know about the love of women for sweet temptations. We secretly dream of snacking on sweets without restrictions and without changing our waist and hips. Alas, for a large percentage of us this remains a mirage.


For us, the holidays are a great occasion to break our diet without remorse. That is why on this day every lady is open to her favorite sweets.

Surprise her with Lindt chocolates in a beautiful cardboard box.

If the lady you want to please also likes bouquets, congratulations. We have a perfect combination of chocolate and flowers for you. In Burlex supermarkets you will find Larotti gerber, rose or orchid chocolates.


The perfect end to the day for many ladies is a glass of wine and a good movie. If you have already chosen the movie, we will help you with the wine selection. Our offer is SOLI wine in different variants – white, rose or red. In addition to its memorable taste, it also has an attractive bottle suitable for gifting.

The more, the more

Well, that’s what Winnie the Pooh said, but we don’t want to associate the ladies with him. We are just suggesting that for us women diversity is of great importance. We desire to have more of everything.

If your lady also often hesitates in her choice, we advise you to surprise her with two gifts.

In Burlex supermarkets, you will find Familia ice cream in different flavors at a promotional price for 2 pieces. If you’re lucky, it will be left for you too.

Fast, easy, clean

At some point in her life, a woman becomes a loving mother and housewife. It is important for her that the home is also clean, but this often takes a lot of time and energy. Every woman dreams of a faithful assistant in the household, with whom she can quickly and easily cope with cleaning.

Introducing some of the ladies’ best friends;

Laundry detergent PERLEX different types.

With its incredible price and nice aroma, PERLEX remains a favorite among Burlex customers.

And because after wine, chocolate and …children, stains are a common occurrence, we present to you PERLEX stain remover.

On the official page of the brand, you can familiarize yourself with all the offered products. You will find the assortment in Burlex supermarkets.

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*Advice. Housekeepers are a suitable gift from a woman to her girlfriend, sister or mother. Men, bet on something sweet, shiny and beautiful.

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