How to use different types of flour?

Поставете текст тук. How to use different types of flour? We all remember the taste of homemade buns, buns and other doughy snacks made from standard wheat flour. Different types of flour are present in modern cooking and on supermarket shelves. Some people use them as a substitute for gluten-containing flour, and others for their ... Read more

How to restore the budget after the holidays?

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The holidays around Christmas are associated with giving gifts, cheerful moments around the table, delicious food and lots of positive emotions. Quite often after the beginning of the new year we feel changes. Some in dress size and some in wallet size. We have prepared a few tricks that will restore your budget after the ... Read more


Поставете текст тук. New Year's holidays are associated with pleasant meetings, smiles, joys, gifts, celebration. Let's not forget that good moments often take place around the table, and after they are over, we may not feel the most comfortable in our clothes and feel tired. This is no reason to start the new year with despair. Even ... Read more

Why choose Burlex supermarkets?

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Burlex supermarkets are a Bulgarian chain operating in the country's FMCG market. By shopping in Burlex supermarkets, we support Bulgarian quality, the native producer and the national business and economy. Our stores have been renovated with a modern interior, new high-tech freezers to preserve the quality of the food. We care about long-term relationships, that's ... Read more